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A place where you can find all the answers you’re searching for. A place where you can discover clarity and insight about your life journey. Welcome to my online tarot shop where I provide personalized tarot readings that are tailored to help uncover the mysteries of your past, present and future. With my expertise and compassionate approach, I can help guide you on your path and give you the clarity you seek. Come explore the world of tarot readings with me and discover a new perspective. Unlock your potential and find the power in self-discovery. Let’s begin this journey together!

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Why Lucid Bunny Tarot?

My abilities and practice as a medium have been passed down through generations. I possess a rare connection and ability to communicate to the spirit world through my dreams and readings, and I use this ability to interpret the messages I receive from the other side.

I have dedicated myself to helping and guiding those who I connect with. Sometimes the truth hurts, which is why I provide a judgment-free zone and a safe place for any question or concern about your life and situations.


If you're curious to know how I got the creative name 'Lucid Bunny', then this video is for you! Follow me on a journey as I explain the story behind my unique moniker and get to know me in a fun and informal way. Get ready to laugh and be inspired by my journey of self-discovery. Come join me, Lucid Bunny, on this adventure of finding out how it all began!

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Here, you can explore the many mysteries of tarot and deepen your understanding of this powerful tool for self-discovery. I'll be offering weekly videos covering tarot lessons, intuitive readings, and advice on how to interpret the cards. So don't forget to like and subscribe - we hope you'll find something here that resonates with you!